Head of the Laboratory of Surface Physics
Email: jacek.szade@us.edu.pl

JACEK SZADE studied physics at the University of Silesia in Katowice. In 1989 he gained his Ph.D. with a study on intermetallic compounds of gadolinium. In 2001 he completed his habilitation at the University of Silesia and obtained professor title in 2008. He developed a laboratory of surface physics in the Department of Solid State Physics. This laboratory consists of advanced equipment for thin film growth and characterization of materials with the use of photoelectron spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy (TOF SIMS), Auger electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy (AFM/STM), electron diffraction. Most of the instruments form the unique ultra-high vacuum cluster. Research in his group is focused on growth and characterization of ultra-thin films of topological insulators, insulator-metal transition in bulk and thin films of oxides, nanoparticles, surface of implants and many other modern materials. Investigation of electronic structure using photoelectron spectroscopy with the use of in-lab spectrometers and using the synchrotron radiation is his main specialization. Engaged in the project of Polish synchrotron, now under construction, deputy head of the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society. He is also involved in the project of the soft x-ray spectroscopy beamline at the Polish synchrotron SOLARIS.