Head of the Solid State Physics Department

ALICJA RATUSZNA studied physics at the University of Silesia in Katowice. In 1978 she gained her Ph.D. with a study on phase transitions in the perovskite crystals. In 1994 she completed her habilitation at the Institute for Low Temperature and Structural Research, Polish Academy of Sciences and obtained professor title in 2001. Since 1990 she provided a very fruitful cooperation with the University of Maine (France). Apart the scientific cooperation related with the studies of lattice dynamics and structural phase transitions, the master studies in Nanophysics are realized, given the graduated students double master diploma. Alicja Ratuszna is currently the head of the Solid State Physics Department where she is developing crystal structure studies using X-ray diffraction and recently the researches of the compounds applied in PDT of cancer . Dean of the Faculty of the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of the University of Silesia.