Head of Department of Theroretical Physics
Email: jerzy.luczka@us.edu.pl

JERZY ŁUCZKA studied physics at the A. Mickiewicz University (Poznan) and University of Silesia (Katowice). 1980-PhD on open quantum systems, 1990-habilitation on colored noise
problems and 1996 - professor title. 
2002-2005: Director of the Institute of Physics(University of Silesia).
1995, 2009 and 20012: DAAD fellowship (Forschungsaufenthalte für Hochschullehrer und
Wissenschaftler) for research at the University of Augsburg (Germany).
2002: Co-director of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop „Stochastic Systems. From
randomness to complexity”, Erice (Italy).
2003-2008: Member of the Steering Committee of the program: „Stochastic Dynamics: Fundamentals and applications”, European Science
He is Editor of European Physical Journal B, Chairman of the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division (European Physical Society), Fellow of the Institute of Physics (United Kingdom) and Outstanding Referee (American Physical Society). He was a leader of several Polish and two German-Polish grants. He has collaborators in Germany, Italy and Spain. He has also co-organized international conferences. Łuczka’s research interests lie in areas of stochastic processes in physics, transport phenomena (noise-induced transport, absolute negative mobility, transport in Josephson junctions), Brownian ratchets, quantum open systems and physical fundamentals of quantum information (quantum entanglement, geometric phase, teleportation).